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How can I save money on plumbing?

At some point, we all have to contact a plumber. The goal of this article is to save you time and money with your next plumbing project. Plumbers are skilled trades men and women and can be expensive. There are a variety of ways to improve the value you get for your money. Many people make the mistake of shopping for plumbing primarily based on the plumber's hourly rate. This can be very misleading. The old adage of "get what you pay for" applies here. It's far better to look at overall customer satisfaction, even if rates are higher than average.

Hourly rates can be misleading for two reasons. A) Experienced plumbers usually charge more per hour. However, they have encountered many more kinds of plumbing problems and have had more time to discover the most cost-effective solutions. They are more likely to know the best solution and be able to implement the solution correctly on the first attempt at a faster rate. Ask the plumber how he or she would approach the problem and how much time would it take to fix the problem. Saving $10 an hour on the hourly rate for a "solution" that has to be redone in two months is no bargain.

Second, the hourly rate may reflect reliability. If you take time off of work or alter your work schedule to meet a plumber who shows up late or not at all, it costs you. Even if you aren't docked pay for the lost time, you won't be improving your prospects for raises and promotions by sitting around your home waiting for a plumber. Plumbers who have scheduling and communication practices that don't leave you hanging are probably going to be worth the higher hourly rate.

All plumbers charge customers in order to compensate for driving time. A big part of a plumber’s day is spent driving from one job to another and in some way or another they need to be compensated for this time. This compensation generally comes in the form of a flat service charge to each bill, a premium for the first hour, or a charge to the customer from the moment that plumber leaves their last job. These various charging methods make the hourly rates confusing and misleading. It is in your best interest to ask a plumber on the phone how his rates work before you see the surprise on your bill.

1. Take everything into account - years of experience, rate, quality of advice, promptness, phone bed-side manner
2. Get a written estimates
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3. Focus on Local plumbers by zip code
4. Ask for referrals

All else fails, obtain a free quote from a plumber near you.

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