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(c) Alistplumbers.comWHY ADVERTISE?
LOW COST - Rates are designed to provide a return on investment every week
LEAD GENERATION - Obtain your share of leads from thousands of daily visitors looking for special deals from quality plumbers
ALL-INCLUSIVE - Our listings deliver 3x more than competitive options
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Within 3 months, we guarantee that our program makes you money
LOCK OUT THE COMPETITION - Our Exclusivity gives you the most real estate and the first crack at plumbing requests

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- Home Page Ad: An ad on the front page of
- Top Spot City Page: An ad on the front page of multiple City Pages
- Leads sent by Email, Text and Telephone
- Top premium listing: Secondary Listing on each city page
- Multiple Listings: Listed on multiple city page
- First crack at lead Generation from customers requesting plumbing bids in your area
- Profiles Quote Page: Designed to generate calls
- Links to your website and telephone
- Exclusivity for the top spot when you sign-on for 6 months

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" is a solid resource. I get three times more leads from Alistplumbers than my other program"
"I just recommended Alistplumbers one of my close associates. I told Austin about the program, that I am making money and that he should consider signing up for his area"
"I was spending all of my marketing dollars on yellowpages and getting nada, I switched to online with Alistplumbers and in addition to a steady flow of good jobs, I just won several new construction bids worth big dollars"

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